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Roof Ice Dams Removal

The combination of heat loss and snow cover on your roof work together to form ice dams. One day nothing, the next you can have a serious problem.
They form when the air temp on the outside surface is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit and the under the snow surface is below 32 degrees. The process kicks in when the snow melts and comes in contact with the colder surfaces below.

The damage to shingles and interior walls and ceilings can be significant. Take the preemptive step to remove the ice dams before damage can occur.
In the short-term, you need to remove the ice dams. In the long-term, you need to investigate why they are forming. The usual culprit is heat loss that causes melting and then re-freezes along the roof edge line.

We have the manpower and tools to safely remove the ice dams before they become a problem. Our equipment can help steam the removal of the ice dams with minimal damage or issues with the roof.

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